For abuse experienced in Day School, Foster Care or other government-related settings

Individuals can apply anytime for compensation if they suffered sexual abuse or serious physical abuse. Survivors should contact a lawyer to find out whether they can make a claim.

Who would qualify

  • Abuser can be named
  • Abuse had a major impact on the survivor
  • In the case of foster care, is there evidence that CAS knew, or should have known, that the abuse was taking place and did not prevent it?
  • Inn the case of other types of abuse there is a government organization or agency that could be found responsible?

Finding a Lawyer

  • Each lawyer decides whether she or he can take a particular case
  • Lawyers pay all of the costs prior to trial. This can be thousands of dollars, in some cases.
  • Clients only pay legal fees if the case succeeds and compensation is awarded.
  • May “personal injury” lawyers take these kinds of cases.

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