Class actions regarding day schools and foster care are taking place across Canada. Once an action is certified, usually governments will begin to negotiate a settlement. The process can take some years.

Day Schools

Joan Jack filed the McLean Day School Class Action in 2009. The claim has not yet been certified. This case is about loss of culture and abuse that took place. The claim applies to former day school students from across Canada. To register with the action, call Alghoul & Associates Law Firm toll-free at 1-807-378-4487 or 1-204-942-8070, or send in a copy of the Registration Form.

Other Claims regarding day schools are taking place across Canada, including the BC case that has been in the news recently.

Sixties Scoop

An Action in Ontario has been certified. This case is about loss of culture only, no abuse. This claim applies to individuals who were removed from a reserve in Ontario between 1964 and 1985 and ended up living with non-aboriginal persons who did not teach you any of your traditions. To register with the class action, visit .